Gender awareness training can be costed into Horizon 2020 grants!


Gender awareness is a key policy objective of Horizon 2020. The costs of training in gender awareness may be reimbursed on a project – but need to meet the normal eligibility criteria for eligible expenses.

Annex D to the Horizon 2020 Work Programme includes a footnote to the effect that as training researchers on gender issues serves the policy objectives of Horizon 2020 and is necessary for the implementation of actions, applicants may include in their proposal such activity and the following corresponding estimated costs will be eligible for EU funding (subject to normal funding conditions):

  • Costs of delivering the training (personnel costs if the trainers are employees of the beneficiary or subcontracting if the training is outsourced);
  • Associated direct costs such as travel and subsistence costs, if the training is delivered outside the beneficiary’s premises;
  • Remuneration costs for the researchers attending the training, in proportion to the actual hours spent on the training (as personnel costs).

Applicants should bear in mind that, as for all costs on a Horizon 2020 grant, to be eligible for funding such expenses will have to conform to eligibility criteria. These criteria include that the costs must be incurred in connection with the action as described in Annex 1 to the grant agreement and be necessary for the action; and that they must be indicated in the estimated budget for the project as set out in Annex 2 to the grant agreement.

For the purposes of the application therefore, applicants anticipating claiming gender awareness training costs should ensure that gender training is specifically included in the activities planned for the project in the text of their application, and that the anticipated costs for such training are included in the budget (and covered in any budget justification text).

Annex D to the Work Programme can be found on the Commission’s Research and Innovation Participation Portal – How to Participate – Reference Documents – Work Programmes.

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