Horizon 2020 Future Emerging Technologies – Update


UKRO, as promised, have provided details and statistics in regards to the Horizon 2020 Future Emerging Technologies Theme.

643 proposals were submitted to the previous FET Open call. Out of this, 4 were rejected due to incompatibility to the theme, whilst 24 proposals were accepted for grant preparation. Out of these 24, only 5 had UK coordinators, with the University of Oxford accounting for 1 fifth of these. Cranfield University (2), Exeter and Nottingham made up the remaining 4.

UKRO have also provided details of a FET Proactive programme. This is likely to be instigated in 2016/17, and will cover 4 specific themes:

  • Collective technologies for societal change:
    – Being human in a technological world
    – New science for a globalised world
  • Biotech and computing for better life
    – Intra- and inter-cell bio-nano-chem technologies
    – Bio-electronic medicines and therapies
    – Cognitive neuro-technologies
  • Alternative technologies for smart devices
    – New computing paradigms and their technologies
    – Quantum technologies
  • New technologies for Energy and Materials
    – Complex bottom-up construction
    – Ecosystem engineering

The first and third and most relevant to department, however it may be of interest to view the other themes.

To find out more – Click Here
To view the results of FET-Open in full – Click Here


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