Internal Call: EPSRC Grants to Support Knowledge Exchange and Impact

On behalf of the Pro Vice Chancellor (Research), Professor Ian Walmsley, we invite PIs at Oxford who currently hold or have recently held EPSRC grants or conduct research within the EPSRC programme landscapes to apply for small grants to support Knowledge Exchange and Impact activities. Heads of EPSRC DTCs at Oxford and supervisors of other EPSRC-supported DPhil students are warmly invited to apply to support student activities.

The EPSRC’s aims for this area of funding are ‘to support the full range of impact activity that delivers or promotes the benefits of research and PhD training to a full range of end users across industry, the public sector, the third sector and the wider public.’  (see also ** below)

Activities must be completed and funds expended by 30 March 2013.

Max. 2 page applications for grants (from £250-£5,000) are invited by Friday 18 January.

** Potential KT and Impact activities are many and varied. Ideas include but are not limited to

  1. Early stage proof of concept studies as part of an intellectual property (IP) commercialisation plan
  2. Market assessment as part of an IP commercialisation plan
  3. Workshops/seminars and networking events with the general public, industry, the 3rd sector and/or public policy makers exploring key issues arising during or from your research
  4. Lectures for the public
  5. Engagement with policy makers and opinion leaders
  6. Impact fellows
  7. Knowledge Transfer Associates targeted at promising research areas
  8. Media event(s)
  9. Industry event(s) (workshop, seminar, showcase, joint academe-industry planning days etc)
  10. Industry secondment/people exchange
  11. Visits to research users (incl. industry labs)
  12. Marketing and communication of research results, incl. e.g. via newsletter, leaflet and other publication costs, dedicated web site, podcast, DVD, etc
  13. Production of videos to increase accessibility to research outputs and dissemination to next stage investors

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