Leverhulme Visiting Professorships

The Leverhulme Trust has announced a call for it’s Visiting Professorships.

The objective of these awards is to enable distinguished academics based overseas to spend between three and twelve months inclusive at a UK university, primarily in order to enhance the skills of academic staff or the student body within the host institution. It is recognised that Visiting Professors may also wish to use the opportunity to further their own academic interests. The over-riding criteria for selection are first the academic standing and achievements of the visitor in terms of research and teaching, and secondly the ability of the receiving institution to benefit from the imported skills and expertise. Priority will be given to new or recent collaborative ventures.

Regarding the value of the award, the sum requested should reflect the individual circumstances of the visitor and the nature and duration of the proposed activities. A maintenance grant up to a level commensurate with the salary of a professor in the relevant field at the receiving institution may be requested. Economy travel costs to and from the UK will also be met. Requests for associated costs, if justified by the programme, may include, for example, travel within the UK, consumables, and essential technical assistance.

Full call details can be found at this link.

The official deadline 4pm 16 May 2013 (internal deadline 9 May 2013) OR 4pm 10 October 2013 (internal deadline 3 October 2013).

As always, let me know if you intend to apply.

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