RoCKIn Robotics – Competition

rockin_logo_smallRoCKIn Robotics is an EU Project that will run over 3 years. As part of this, they have announced a competition with an aim to foster innovation in cognitive systems and robotics, and to raise awareness of the potential usefulness that robotics can bring to society to the general public. There are 2 different schemes:

RoCKIn@Home – aims to improve the quality of home life for the people of Europe – focusing on assisting the elderly or impaired. We have created a RoCKIn@Home arena where robots have to assist ‘Granny Annie’ in three tasks: Getting to know my home, welcoming visitors and catering for Granny Annie’s comfort (description of tasks can be found on the respective webpages, along with ‘how-to’ videos). Object perception, object manipulation and speech understanding will then be benchmarked across each of the tasks.

RoCKIn@Work – aims to ensure the continued competitiveness of Europe’s manufacturing industry. Set in the RoCKIn & RoLLIn Factory, a youBot will assist with the assembly of a drive axel. The three tasks that the robots will have to undertake are: Assemble aid tray for force fitting, plate drilling and prepare a box for manual assembly step (description of these tasks can also be found on the respective webpages, along with ‘how-to’ videos). Object perception, visual serving and control will then be benchmarked across these tasks.

“Intentions to Participate” forms are requested from your team before the 31st May 2015 and after that there will be an application form available on their website for people to confirm their entry.

To find out more – Click Here
To complete the “Intention of Participation” – Click Here

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