Royal Society Writing and Media Skills – Training


Scientists communicating their work is key to expanding the frontiers of knowledge, and the Royal Society’s courses will help you to do this effectively and memorably. These courses are designed exclusively for scientists, and are tutored by leading communication specialists.

Writing about your research:
Effective communication skills allow scientists to share their work with wider audiences and so enhance the contribution of science to society.  Such skills can also help to secure research funding and build collaborations across disciplines. This course trains scientists to write about their research for non-specialist readers in a variety of contexts, from press releases and news stories, to longer features that sustain the interest of audiences through narrative, and articles for online social media. >>More Info

Date: 29th April 2015
Time: 9:30-17:00
Location: Carlton House Terrace, London
Cost: £450

Media Skills Training:
On this one-day course you will work with an experienced TV production team, a top voice coach, and a leading science communicator to prepare and practice media interviews.  During the course you will discover how the media works, and how to use that knowledge. You will be shown how to interrogate your work into a story the media will be interested in, and what to expect when the media calls. The tutors will work with you to prepare your story for interview, and you will learn techniques so that you, and your message, come across as well as possible. >>More Info

Date: 21st May 2015
Time: 9:00-17:00
Location: Carlton House Terrace, London
Cost: £450

Residential Course (Writing about Research + Media Skills Training):
This two-day residential course covers Writing about your research on Day 1, which includes key principles for communicating research effectively to non-specialist audiences, and Media skills training on Day 2, enabling participants to develop their experience further for interactions with print, broadcast and online media. Its residential format also enables further discussion of social and ethical issues for specific research areas, and the utility of the skills in writing funding applications and generating “impact” from research. >>More Info

Date: 22nd-23rd June 2015
Time: 2 Full Days
Location: Chicheley Hall, London
Cost: £900

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