Simon Wolff Travel Grant for Young Scientists


It is essential for scientists to meet and exchange ideas with fellow workers from around the world to progress research, but it is often very difficult, especially for younger scientists, to obtain funding to make these trips possible. The Simon Wolff Charitable Foundation (SWCF) will provide financial support for young scientists wishing to attend scientific conferences in Research areas of interest.

Case Study 1: Adiari V. graduated from Havard University in 2005. Her doctoral research focuses on the environmental transport and reactivity of mercury in the environment. Thanks to a travel grant from the Simon Wolff Charitable Foundation, she was able to present her research at the 11th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant.

Case Study 2: Upon receiving a generous Simon Wolff Charitable Foundation (SWCF) travel grant, Aisling O. attended ESB 2014 Annual Conference, the 26th European Conference on Biomaterials in the Liverpool Echo Arena. This event was organised by the European Society of Biomaterials, and also encompassed the 11th Young Scientists Forum, aimed at postgraduate students, encouraging discussion and participation in biomaterials education and training, career development and research opportunities.

There is no set closing date, however applications should be recieved 3 months before the intended date of travel.

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