Horizon 2020: Secure Societies Call (inc. Cyber)

The European Commission has published four different calls under the Secure Societies Societal Challenge 7 of the Horizon 2020 Programme.

The new open calls are as follows:

Each call contains several topics and the last call will be of particular interest to people in the Department of Computer Science. Details are as follows (click on the above links for full info):

Digital Security: Cybersecurity, privacy and trust call
Proposals should investigate the dependencies on communication networks and ICT components (including SCADA and IACS systems) of critical infrastructures, analyze and propose mitigation strategies and methodologies for assessing criticalities of services and detecting anomalies, developing tools and processes to simulate or monitor cascading effects due to ICT incidents, and develop self-healing mechanisms. ICT should be protected or re-designed at the software level, but also at the physical level, leading to more robust, resilient and survivable ICT infrastructure.

Web of Things – Google Research Call


Google have announced a new call for proposals to the “Open Web of Things” within the remit of “The Internet of Things” research and open innovation program. This is a cross disciplinary expedition intended to address the complex challenges and opportunities before us as they hope to explore the next generation of systems, services and Internet connected devices. The mission of this program is to enable effective use and broad adoption of the Internet of Things by making it as easy to discover and interact with connected devices as it is to find and use information on the open web. They envision research at the intersection of disciplines including (but not limited to):

  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Privacy & Security
  • Systems & Protocols

A short form online application + a longer form proposal (to be sent to openexpeditionawards@google.com) will need submitting. The deadline for submissions is January 21st, 2015. Selected PIs will then be invited to participate in a kick off workshop at Google shortly after proposals are assessed in early spring.

To access the online application: Click here
To access advice for Google proposal writing can also be: Click here

Future Calls: Cyber-Physical Systems / Human Language Understanding

A future call has been announced by CHIST-ERA which I think will have a broad interest across the department.

  • Resilient and Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems

Update: Two topics were announced however the second is not open to UK researchers as EPSRC is not participating in the Human Language Understanding call.

The CHIST-ERA ERA-NET is a consortium of 18 research funding organisations (including EPSRC). CHIST-ERA specifically promotes multidisciplinary and transnational ICT research with the potential to lead to significant breakthroughs. The funding organisations jointly support research projects selected in the framework of CHIST-ERA.

Below is a link to a flyer which gives more information, including a quick-view list of keywords which will allow you to decide if the calls are relevant to you (e.g. intrusion detection, verification, software and systems engineering).

A key point to note about this call is that it can be shaped by those who attend the CHIST-ERA Conference (Istanbul, June 17-18). If you would like to feed into the full topic description registration is still open: http://conference2014.chistera.eu

[ CHIST-ERA Call 2014 – Topics Flyer ]

Joint Israel-UK Research in Cyber Security


A new call from EPSRC has been issued, which intends to support collaborations in Cyber Security between the UK and Israel. EPSRC write:

“Israel’s National Cyber Bureau (INCB) and Ministry of Science, Technology and Space (MOST), and the UK’s Cabinet Office (CO) and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) (from here on ‘the Agencies’) wish to encourage joint research activities in cyber security.

Through a single, shared process which is managed by EPSRC on behalf of the Agencies, we expect to identify and support up to three collaborations, each of which involves leading academic researchers in both the partner countries. While funding for researchers in Israel and UK will ultimately be provided separately by their respective Governments, the key to success in the call will be the identification of a programme of work which is of high scientific quality and truly collaborative.

Proposals for new projects in any area relevant to cyber security, from new or established partnerships, are welcome. We intend to fund a balanced programme of research in which the individual projects can work together to maximise mutual benefit.

Collaborations will need to prepare a single, unified, proposal which describes a full programme of work in both countries. This will be submitted to EPSRC by the UK lead organisation on behalf of the research partners in both the UK and Israel. Projects should last between 25 and 30 months, to start in Spring 2015 and end no later than December 2017.”

Full details can be found at this link: http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/funding/calls/2014/Pages/cybersecurity.aspx

EPSRC Call: International Research in Security (IRIS)


EPSRC is inviting proposals from UK academics for projects which will support visiting Fellows from India, Israel or Japan to carry out cyber security research in, and build collaborative links with, the UK. Proposals are welcome in any area of research directly relevant to cyber security, including less well-represented domains such as the social, economic and mathematical sciences.

The deadline for this call is 28 August 2014. Further information can be found at this link.