Oxford Research Archive for Data – Seal of Approval

The Oxford Research Archive for Data (ORA-Data) has been awarded the Data Seal of Approval. The Seal represents an international, peer-reviewed standard which certifies a data archive according to sixteen essential criteria for good practice. This provides evidence of compliance with key Research Data Management principles and denotes the archive as a Trusted Digital Repository.


For more information please see the ORA website.

£5m EPSRC “Making Sense of Data” and “User Interaction with ICT” calls


EPSRC have announced calls on the topics of  “Making Sense of Data” and “User Interaction with ICT”, as part of the “Towards an Intelligent Information Infrastructure” programme. Funds of up to £5 million are available in each, which is expected to support between four to six research projects, and proposals can be multi-institutional.

  • Making Sense of Data
    Proposals should, simply put, explore how to make sense from data. The better we can interpret the data we have, the more efficiently we can handle and communicate it. Projects are welcomed that explore how to make sense from data, by addressing high impact challenges such as:

    • How to convert the vast amounts of data produced into understandable, actionable information
    • How to efficiently and intelligently extract knowledge from heterogeneous, distributed data while retaining the context necessary for its interpretation
    • How to ensure new techniques are realistic, compatible and scalable with real-world services and hardware systems
  • User Interaction with ICT
    Proposals should address future information infrastructure and environment which will involve areas such as wearable devices, autonomous systems and an internet of things. Proposals that target the below areas, as well as new ideas, are welcomed:

    • Extending interaction – The development and evaluation of new techniques of interaction and use, including new modalities of input and output, and new sensors and devices.
    • Building – The development and evaluation of platforms, architectures or component technologies that underpin the interaction between humans and ICT systems.
    • Understanding users – Studies of different target groups and settings to inform the invention and design of new technologies.
    • Evaluation – The use of experiments, studies, envisionment workshops and other forms of user engagement to understand or evaluate proposed designs or prototype technologies.

This is a 2-stage application, with the “outline” deadline for both being Tuesday 6th January 2015. Due to Christmas closures, outline applications should reach Research Services no later than Thursday, 18 December 2014.

For more information about “Making Sense of Data” – Click here
For more information about “User Interaction with ICT” Click here

Please contact Patrick and Kelly as soon as possible if you intend to apply or have any questions.

Confused about Research Data Management?


Research funders and institutions are imposing mandates regarding the importance of open and well preserved data. With these changing demands, now is a good opportunity to learn more about what is desired for correct data management practises, whilst adapting your current methods to keep ahead of the game.

A presentation is being held covering key policies, plans, sharing outlets and long-term preservation of data. It will provide in depth information regarding the growing importance of good research data management, alongside the tools and services being developed at Oxford and elsewhere to best aid researchers.

Title: ’An Introduction to Research Data Management: Policies, Plans, Sharing, and  Preservation’
Date: 25th November
Time: 2-3pm
Location: Tony Hoare Room, Robert Hooke Building

To sign up – Click Here!