Wellcome Trust “Frontiers” Meetings – Call for Ideas

logo-wellcome_0Wellcome Trust “Frontiers” meetings occur 2-3 times yearly with 40-50 multidisciplinary leaders attending. They are provocative meetings that challenge and consider thinking on a subject concerning the future of health, medicine, science or society that the Trust uses to inform our strategic thinking and help identify possible new directions for us to focus on to drive change.

The scope of our Frontiers meetings is broad and their topics can relate to any area of the Trust’s work. This can include research possibilities – such as those relating to major disease areas, health challenges or developments in basic sciences, innovative ways of supporting training and development, or how science is given context in culture and society.

The Wellcome Trust are inviting you to share your ideas for future topics for our Frontiers meetings. What should they be discussing, and what role do you see for the Trust in contributing to these subjects? If you have an idea for a topic, outline the key questions that need to be addressed, the different sectors that could feed the discussion, and how you think that we could help to shake up thinking on the issue via the link below. If your idea is selected they will give you the opportunity to work with them and see it evolve.

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