AXA Junior Research Fellowship Fund








AXA Junior Research (Post-Doctoral) Fellowship:

Expressions of Interest: 30th October 2014
Internal Candidate Nomination: 6th November 2014
Candidate Submission to AXA: 24th November 2014

The call for Expressions of Interest for the AXA Junior Research Fellowship is now open. The mission of the AXA Research Fund is to fund basic research dedicated to a better understanding of important hazards, risks and threats and current global societal challenges within three clusters: socioeconomic risks, environmental risks and life risks. AXA intends to award a number of two-year postdoctoral fellowships worth €60,000/per annum. This will be a bottom-up scheme, with Expressions of Interest put forward, followed by an internal selection of the best candidate to be put forward on the 24th of November 2014. The nominee would then have until the 15th to submit their application outline for consideration.

For further details and how to apply: Click here
For AXA Guidelines: Click Here (PDF)