Research Leadership Training Programmes – Events


Two external Research Training events have been organised by the “Leadership Foundation”, and will be occurring in Birmingham and Edinburgh during the late spring. These programmes are highly focused and practical, with learning outcomes linked to the application of key leadership and management skills:

Research Team Leadership
Thursday 30th April – Friday 1st May 2015
Where: Birmingham
Description: This programme is designed to develop an individual’s skills as a research team leader, at a time when they may be new to leadership. The two-day programme has the added value of developing a community of leaders who can share and debate research issues together.
Who is it for? This programme is for lecturers, senior lecturers or readers, who have recently been appointed as principal investigators or who are currently leading small research teams.
Cost: £1095 non-member price
Application Deadline: Friday 24th April 2014
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Leading Research Leaders
Thursday 7th May – Friday 8th May 2015
This programme is designed to develop your ability to address the challenges involved in leading other research team leaders and of managing significant research projects. On this programme you will have the opportunity to practice some of the essential skills required for this role, reflect upon your personal approach to research leadership and exchange ideas with colleagues engaged in a similar role. 
Who is it for?
This programme is for research active academics who are likely to have significant operational leadership responsibility, in addition to their own role as a research team leader.
Cost: £1250 non-member price
Application Deadline: Wednesday 15th April 2015
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