NERC Changes to Funding and Grant Procedure


NERC is implementing new measures designed to raise discovery science standard grant success rates. This is to reduce the number and size of applications from research organisations for NERC’s discovery science standard grant scheme, and ensure research excellence, efficiency and value for money for the taxpayer.

From the July 2015 standard grants scheme, there will be a reduction in the maximum standard grant award size, from the current £1·2m to £800k at Full Economic Cost.

At the same time, demand management measures in the form of a new institutional-level submission policy will take effect. This will be based on historic application and award data and will limit the number of applications an individual research organisation can make, where that organisation fails to meet a 20 per cent success rate quality threshold. For the 2015 assessment, this will use the grant rounds with the closing dates July 2011 to January 2014 (inclusive).

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NERC – Open Knowledge Exchange Fellowships


NERC science believes it can make an important contribution to economic growth and quality of life. In order to accomplish these goals, NERC wishes to award a number of Knowledge Exchange (KE) fellowships to enable the sharing and flow of knowledge and expertise between the NERC funded researchers and their user communities.

Applicants should propose a work plan of their own choosing to generate impact from NERC-funded research in their host institution. Proposals should also focus on accelerating and amplifying economic impact and improvements in quality of life from NERC-funded research, by working with business, NGOs or government bodies. This could include:

  • strengthening existing partnerships;
  • developing new relationships that lead to collaborative projects;
  • researching new market opportunities;
  • providing case studies of knowledge exchange from NERC-funded research;
  • providing briefings and reports suitable for policymakers.

Applications will open of 3rd February 2015 and close on 1st April 2015. Please let us know if you intend to apply.

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