Web of Things – Google Research Call


Google have announced a new call for proposals to the “Open Web of Things” within the remit of “The Internet of Things” research and open innovation program. This is a cross disciplinary expedition intended to address the complex challenges and opportunities before us as they hope to explore the next generation of systems, services and Internet connected devices. The mission of this program is to enable effective use and broad adoption of the Internet of Things by making it as easy to discover and interact with connected devices as it is to find and use information on the open web. They envision research at the intersection of disciplines including (but not limited to):

  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Privacy & Security
  • Systems & Protocols

A short form online application + a longer form proposal (to be sent to openexpeditionawards@google.com) will need submitting. The deadline for submissions is January 21st, 2015. Selected PIs will then be invited to participate in a kick off workshop at Google shortly after proposals are assessed in early spring.

To access the online application: Click here
To access advice for Google proposal writing can also be: Click here

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