Monday (July 8, 2013)

12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Conference Opening by General Chair
1.40pm Keynote 1: Dan Suciu on Big Data Begets Big Database Theory
(chair: Dan Olteanu)
2.40pm Coffee break
3pm Tutorial 1. Christopher RĂ©: A Tutorial on Trained Systems: A New Generation of Data Management Systems?
(chair: Christoph Koch)
4.30pm Coffee break
4.50pm Tutorial 2. Marcelo Arenas: Querying Semantic Web Data with SPARQL (and SPARQL 1.1)
(chair: Pierre Senellart)
5.50pm 10 minutes break
6pm Plenary Poster Session
7.30pm End of day 1

Tuesday (July 9, 2013)

9am Keynote 2: Christoph Koch on Compilation and Synthesis in Big Data Analytics
(chair: Dan Suciu)
10am Coffee break
10.20am Session 1: Query and Update Processing
11.10am Session 2: Relational Storage
12pm 10 minutes break
12.10pm Session 3: Benchmarking
1pm Lunch break
2.30pm Session 4: XML Query Processing
4pm End of day’s sessions
4.15pm Social event begins
7pm Drink reception at Wadham College
7.30pm Conference Banquet at Wadham College

Wednesday (July 10, 2013)

9am Keynote 3: Peter Buneman on The Providence of Provenance
(chair: Georg Gottlob)
10am Coffee break
10.20am Tutorial 3. Wenfei Fan on Querying Big Social Data
(chair: Norman Patton)
11.50am 10 minutes break
12pm Panel on “Database Research Challenges and Opportunities of Big Graph Data”.

Chair: Alex Poulovassilis (Birkbeck). Panel members: Andy Seaborne (Epimorphics), Jim Webber (Neo Technology), George Fletcher (T.U.Eindhoven), Jan Hidders (T.U.Delft), Wenfei Fan (Unversity of Edinburgh)

1pm Lunch break
2.30pm Session 5: Big Data
3.45pm 10 minutes break
3.55pm Session 6: Spatial Data and Indexing
5pm Coffee break
5.20pm Session 7: Data Extraction and Social Networks
6.15pm End of conference