Session 1: Query and Update Processing (50min).
Chair Graham Cormode

Alan Stokes, Alvaro Fernandes and Norman Paton. Adapting to node failure in sensor network query processing
Vadim Savenkov, Reinhard Pichler and Christoph Koch. Loop Elimination for Database Updates

Session 2: Relational Storage (50min)
Chair Pierre Senellart

Robert Gottstein, Ilia Petrov and Alejandro Buchmann. Append Storage in Multi-Version Databases on Flash
Ingo Feinerer, Paolo Guagliardo and Enrico Franconi. Lossless Horizontal Decomposition with Domain Constraints on Interpreted Attributes

Session 3: Benchmarking (50min)
Chair Georg Lausen

Chenjuan Guo, Cornelia Hedeler, Norman Paton and Alvaro Fernandes. MatchBench: Benchmarking Schema Matching Algorithms for Schematic Correspondences
Bery Mbaiossoum, Ladjel Bellatreche and Stephane Jean. Towards Performance Evaluation of Semantic Databases Management Systems

Session 4: XML Query Processing (90min).
Chair Sebastian Maneth

Antoine Amarilli and Pierre Senellart. On the Connections between Relational and XML Probabilistic Data Models
John Roijackers and George H. L. Fletcher. On bridging relational and document-centric data stores
Stefan Boettcher, Rita Hartel and Thomas Jacobs. Fast Multi-Update Operations on DAG-Compressed XML Data
Dabin Ding, Dunren Che, Fei Cao and Wen-Chi Hou. A Practical Approach to Holistic B-twig Pattern Matching for Efficient XML Query Processing (short)

Session 5: Big Data (75min).
Chair Christoph Koch

Marek Grabowski, Jan Hidders and Jacek Sroka. Representing MapReduce Optimisations in the Nested Relational Calculus
Yongming Luo, Yannick de Lange, George H. L. Fletcher, Paul De Bra,
Jan Hidders and Yuqing Wu
. Bisimulation Reduction of Big Graphs on MapReduce
Chengjie Qin and Florin Rusu. Sampling Estimators for Parallel Online Aggregation

Session 6: Spatial Data and Indexing (65min)
Chair Florin Rusu

Simon Razniewski and Werner Nutt. Assessing the Completeness of Geographical Data (short)
Michael Schuh, Tim Wylie, Juan Banda and Rafal Angryk. A Comprehensive Study of iDistance Partitioning Strategies for kNN Queries and High-Dimensional Data Indexing
Karthik Ganesan Pillai, Liessman Sturlaugson, Juan Banda and Rafal
. Extending High-Dimensional Indexing Techniques Pyramid and iMinMax : Lessons Learned

Session 7: Data Extraction and Social Networks (55min).
Chair Tim Furche

Kevin Lu. A Game Theory Based Approach for Community Detection in Social Networks
Neil Anderson and Jun Hong. A Learning Classifier-based Approach to Aligning Data Items and Labels (short)
George Gkotsis, Karen Stepanyan, Alexandra Cristea and Mike Joy. Self-supervised automated wrapper generation for weblog data extraction (short)