Human Atrial Action Potential Models

Colman et al. 2018

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Journal Paper: Description of the Human Atrial Action Potential Derived From a Single, Congruent Data Source: Novel Computational Models for Integrated Experimental-Numerical Study of Atrial Arrhythmia Mechanisms Colman MA, Saxena P, Kettlewell S, Workman AJ. Front Physiol. 2018.

Bai et al. 2018

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Journal Paper: Ionic and cellular mechanisms underlying TBX5/PITX2 insufficiency-induced atrial fibrillation: Insights from mathematical models of human atrial cells Bai J, Gladding PA, Stiles MK, Fedorov VV, Zhao J. Sci Rep. 2018.

Ellinwood et al. 2017

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Journal Paper: In silico assessment of efficacy and safety of IKur inhibitors in chronic atrial fibrillation: role of kinetics and state-dependence of drug binding Ellinwood N, Dobrev D, Morotti S, Grandi E. Front Pharmacol. 2017.

Morotti al. 2016

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Journal PaperAtrial-selective targeting of arrhythmogenic phase-3 early afterdepolarizations in human myocytes
Morottia S, McCulloch AD, Bers DM, Edwards AG, Grandi E. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2016.

Colman et al. 2013

Download: Code available on request

Journal Paper: Pro-arrhythmogenic effects of atrial fibrillation-induced electrical remodelling: insights from the three-dimensional virtual human atria
Colman MA, Aslanidi OV, Kharche S, Boyett MR, Garratt C, Hancox JC, Zhang H. J Physiol. 2013.

Koivumäki et al. 2011

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Article: Impact of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium release on calcium dynamics and action potential morphology in human atrial myocytes: a computational study J T. Koivumäki, T. Korhonen, P. Tavi. PLoS Comput Biol. 2011.

Grandi et al. 2011 

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Journal Paper:  Human atrial action potential and Ca2+ model: sinus rhythm and chronic atrial fibrillation
Grandi E, Pandit SV, Voigt N, Workman AJ, Dobrev D, Jalife J, Bers DM. Circ Res. 2011. 

Maleckar et al. 2008


Article: Mathematical simulations of ligand-gated and cell-type specific effects on the action potential of human atrium
Maleckar MGreensteina JL, Trayanova NA, Wayne R. Prog Biophys Mol Bio. 2008. 

Courtemanche et al. 1998


Journal Paper: Ionic mechanisms underlying human atrial action potential properties: insights from a mathematical model
Courtemanche M, Ramirez RJ, Nattel S. Am J Physiol-Heart C. 1998. 

Nygren et al. 1998


Journal Paper: Mathematical model of an adult human atrial cell: the role of K+ currents in repolarization 
Nygren A, Fiset C, Firek L, Clark JW, Lindblad DS, Clark RB, Giles WR. Circ Res. 1998.