Human Cardiac Purkinje Models 

Trovato et al. 2020

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Journal PaperHuman Purkinje in silico model enables mechanistic investigations into automaticity and pro-arrhythmic abnormalities
Trovato C, Passini E, Nagy N, Varró A, Abi-Gerges N, Severi S, Rodriguez B. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2020.

Sampson et al. 2010

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Journal Paper: A computational model of Purkinje fibre single cell electrophysiology: implications for the long QT syndrome
Sampson KJ, Iyer V, Marks AR, Kass RS. J Physiol. 2010.

Stewart et al. 2009

Download: CellML

Journal Paper: Mathematical models of the electrical action potential of Purkinje fibre cells
Stewart P, Aslanidi OV, Noble D, Noble PJ, Boyett MR, Zhang H.  Philos T Roy Soc A. 2009.

Ten Tusscher et al. 2008

Download: TBC

Journal PaperModelling of the ventricular conduction system
TenTusscher KHWJ, Panfilov AV. Prog Biophys Mol Bio. 2008.