Hugo Paquet

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I am a postdoc with Sam Staton working on the theory of probabilistic programming. I am interested in using methods from operational and denotational semantics to improve Bayesian inference. More broadly I am interested in areas of semantics for programming languages and logics, including game semantics, categorical models, linear logic and models for concurrency, and what happens to all of these in presence of probability.  

Until May 2020 I was a postdoc with Luke Ong, and before that (2015-2019) I was a PhD student with Glynn Winskel in the Computer Lab at the University of Cambridge.


My thesis is about a theory of games for semantics known as concurrent games, based on event structures. The main contribution is a cartesian closed bicategory of probabilistic strategies, which gives a semantics for languages with continuous distributions. The manuscript is available here.

Publications and Preprints


In Hilary Term 2021 I am lecturing Lambda-calculus and types.

In Cambridge I regularly taught students in various courses including Logic and Proof (sheet1, sheet2, sheet3), Discrete Mathematics (sheet1, sheet2), Semantics, Denotational Semantics, and Hoare Logic and Model Checking.