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Lorenzo Lane

Personal photo - Lorenzo Lane

Dr Lorenzo Lane

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Leaving date: 31st December 2017


Research Interests

I am currently interested in the following areas of research:

  • Social Computing (with particular interest in development of online collaborative tools to support mathematical knowledge production)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Understanding creativity, use of metaphor and analogy)
  • Mathematics (Focusing on collaboration, interdisciplinarity and knowledge transfer between mathematical communities)
  • Cognitive linguistics (Application of cognitive grammar to the study of conceptual spaces in mathematics)
  • Ethnographic research (Documenting working processes of research mathematicians within Institutional contexts)
  • Sociology (Social studies of mathematical communities)

Other Interests

  • Novel writing: Currently working on "Prisoner of a memory", "The measure" and "A poem in silence"
  • Poetry: Currently working on "The catch" - A series of Poems based around social justice and homelessness in the UK.
  • Running: I'm a keen distance runner 



[2013-2016] PhD, Sociology, University of Edinburgh Thesis Title: Bridging worlds: Translating, creating and communicating mathematical knowledge

Supervised by Professor. Donald Mackenzie, Dr Jane Calvert

[2011-2013] MA (A+, Distinction), Linguistic Anthropology, University of British Columbia.

Supervised by Professor Patrick Moore.                     

[2007-2010] BA (Hons), First class, Archaeology and Anthropology, St John’s College, Oxford University

Supervised by Professor Paul Dresch.


[2017] Post-Doctoral Researcher, CS Department, University of Oxford

[2014-2015] Researcher, Microsoft Research, Cambridge and Reading

[2014] Researcher, Department of computer science, University of Oxford

[2013] Researcher at Sustainability department, Greenest City Scholar, City of Vancouver, British Columbia


Research Visits 

[2017] University of Edinburgh, Informatics Forum (1 Month) 

[2016] University of Pierre and Marie Curie, IMJ, Paris (2 Months)

[2014] Max Planck Institute of Mathematics, Bonn (1 Month)

[2014] Isaac Newton Institute of Mathematics, Cambridge (1 Month) 


[2017] Fixed performances in fluid Publics, Innovations in Information Infrastructures (III) workshop, LUISS University, Rome. 

[2017] Socialising mathematical social machines, HHMC, Institute of Advanced Study, University of Surrey, UK. 

[2017] Socialising mathematical social machines: Transformations and reproductions of mathematical values, Social Informatics Seminar, University of Edinburgh. 

[2017] Coordinating visions, Group Knowledge and mathematical collaboration workshop, Department of computer science, University of Oxford

[2017] Flâneurs, finitism and the field of mathematics, Serendipity workshop, St Marys’ University, London.

[2017] Finitism and the mathematical field, European Congress for Analytical Philosophy 9, Munich.

[2017] Mathematician’s Craft, 25th International Congress of History of Science and Technology, Rio de Janeiro

[2017] Social machines of mathematics, Big Proof Conference, Newton Institute of Mathematics, Cambridge

[2016] Socialising proof: Understanding the social contexts of proof construction History of mathematics Seminar, IMJ, UPMC, Paris

[2016] Communicating Proof, Social Machines Workshop, University of St Andrews

[2015] Collaborative mathematics, Informatics Seminar, University of Edinburgh.  

[2015] Guide Dogs Study: Report on Observations, Microsoft Research Cambridge.

[2015] INI report on mathematical Collaboration, Director’s meeting, Issac Newton Institute of Mathematics, Cambridge

[2013] Scope of Reuse in Vancouver, Report for Municipal Government, Vancouver.

[2012] Aesthetics and Mathematical Proof, Graduate Conference, UBC




Lane, L. (2017) The Instance and the Analogue: Studying classification processes in mathematics within a finitist’s framework (Submitted to Studies in Sociology of Science).


Conference Papers

Lane, L. (2017) Fixed performances in fluid Publics: How mathematicians manage their image in a digital age. 5th edition of the Innovations in Information Infrastructures (III)


In Preparation 

Lane, L. Martin, U. Meagher, L. (2017) Making no Impact in mathematics. (To be submitted to Mathematics in Industry Case Studies)

Lane, L. (2017) Prime Instinct: Understanding the Role of the body in generating mathematical intuition (To be submitted to British Journal of sociology).

Lane, L. (2017) Mathematician’s Craft: Embodied processes in proof construction. (To be published in Science and Technology)

Lane, L. (2017) Coordinating Vision: Generating shared reference frames in mathematical collaborations. (Unpublished)



Lane, L. (2016) Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences Study: Report on Observations, University of Oxford 

Lane, L. (2014) Microsoft Research Report (Confidential)

Lane, L. (2013) Analysing the eye with a view to the past: Exploring Image and Imagination in 19th Century Northwest Coast Diaries. Vancouver: Circle.

Lane, L. (2013) Understanding the Scope of Reuse in Vancouver. Vancouver: Greenest City Scholars Project Library.