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Towards a Game Semantics of Concurrency, Objects and Mobility

1st November 2005 to 31st October 2010
The rapid increase in the complexity of software has led to new generations of programming languages. They have caused significant changes to the way programmers write their code and raised many challenging problems for computer scientists. Unfortunately, the developments in the relevant theories have stayed well behind the fast changes in software design. This proposal promises to reduce the gap somewhat by employing a game-theoretic approach, called game semantics, to model modern programs. This game-based view of computation has proved successful in the analysis of simpler kinds of languages. However, the most recent results suggest that it is also flexible enough to address the challenges posed by the latest programming features such as multithreading, object-orientation and mobility. We hope that the results obtained during the course of the theoretical work will give us sufficient insight into the structure of these features to develop automatic methods of their analysis and construct verification tools.


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