Quantum Networks 2017 

Quantum Networks 2017

1-4 August 2017

Oxford, United Kingdom

Causality is a crucial concept for our understanding of nature. In relativity, the objective properties of a system are dictated by the causal relations between events in spacetime. While quantum mechanical predictions comply with relativity, objective properties do not satisfy the same causal relations — the phenomenon known as non-locality. Quantum mechanics is consistent with special relativity at an operational level but appears to violate it at an ontological level. This reveals a deep subtlety in the way that quantum theory and relativity co-exist. Understanding this subtlety will be crucial to understanding how physical theories lead to a notion of things happening through the language of causality. The aim of the workshop is to explore all these different concepts, bringing together researchers interested in causality within quantum physics.

This is the third in a series of three Workshops funded by the Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi). The first workshop was in Barcelona in March 2016, and the second workshop was in Natal, Brazil in November 2016

Important dates

  • Submission deadline: 28th May 2017
  • Financial support deadline*: 28th May 2017
  • Author notification: 2nd June 2017
  • Registration deadline: 23rd July 2017
  • Workshop: 1st August 2017

All deadline times are Anywhere on Earth.

*If you are applying for financial support to cover your travel and accommodation expenses, you must contact us and also register by this deadline. Details for applying for financial support can be found in the section.


The workshop will be happening in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. In particular, it will be held in Lecture Theatre B of the Wolfson Building.

If you have any questions or concerns about venue accessibility please either consult the Department of Computer Science website or contact Destiny Chen or Karen Barnes (websites found in the Committee section).

Oxford can be reached by train and bus. If travelling by air, the nearest airports are London Heathrow (or Gatwick) and Birmingham International. From Birmingham International, there are regular trains to Oxford (which can be booked through Crosscountry Trains. The best option to get to Oxford from the London airports is to take one of the Airline buses.


Invited speakers


Fabio Costa

University of Queensland

Robin Evans

University of Oxford

Lucien Hardy

Perimeter Institute

Ognyan Oreshkov

University of Oxford

Jacques Pienaar

IIP Natal, Brazil

Stefano Pironio

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Ana Belén Sainz

Perimeter Institute

Philip Walther

University of Vienna

Stephanie Wehner

Delft University of Technology


Here is the Programme.



Registration fee is GBP50 to include the dinner. Please register here by 8am 23rd July.

We will offering limited financial support to students and postdoctoral researchers. In order to request support, please email Matty Hoban (with Destiny Chen in CC) - details found in the Committees section - with the following information: a brief description of your academic status (e.g. PhD student or postdoc) and research interests, the amount requested with a brief justification of this amount (e.g. estimation of flights accommodation costs). In order to be considered for support we must receive this information by 28th May 2017, and you must also register by this date as well.



Oxford is a relatively small city with most of the available (and affordable) accommodation (at the time of the workshop) in the city centre being college accommodation, or some Bed & Breakfasts, with a few hotels dotted around. We would recommend that you stay in one of the colleges in the centre of the city. Rooms in colleges can be booked through the University Rooms website at http://www.universityrooms.com/en/city/oxford/home, or possibly by going directly to the respective college website. We recommend that you stay at Keble College, Wadham College, or Lady Margaret Hall, as these are near to the conference venue (Department of Computer Science on Parks Road). Other options include Wolfson College, St Anne’s College and Somerville College.

For lower cost hotels, there are options on the outskirts of Oxford. But bear in mind that you will have to take a bus to get to the workshop, or possibly rent a bike in the centre of town (it is a very cycle friendly town).

We strongly recommend that you book your college accommodation as soon as possible. Oxford is popular with tourists in the Summer, and with the lower value of the pound, there may be more demand for rooms.

Conference Dinner

Conference Dinner will be held at the Cherwell Boathouse, on Wednesday 2nd August. Here's the Menu.