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Guidelines for Electronic Submission

1. Mechanism

Anyone registered for the assignment component of a taught module may submit material via the Programme website—

—at any time during the assignment period. They may also view, replace, or delete any material submitted, but only until the assignment deadline is reached; after this time, the material becomes read only.

Submissions will be accepted only via http or https. Other protocols—including email—may not be used without the agreement of the Examiners.

2. Format

Material must be in one of the following formats: Portable Document Format (.pdf), PostScript (.ps), or plain text. In the case of .ps or .pdf files, all fonts and graphics should be embedded. .pdf is the preferred format.

Apart from the commercial Adobe Acrobat Distiller, PDFMaker, and PDFWriter applications, there are several freely-available tools for generating PDF versions of documents: see, for example,,, and

Submissions may be uploaded as compressed archives (.zip or .gz) provided that these archives contain only files in the permitted formats (.ps, .pdf, or text).

3. Integrity

Students are asked to check that the files are intact. If the files, as uploaded, can be downloaded and successfully viewed using Acrobat Reader (for .pdf), GhostView or GhostScript (for .ps), or any text editor, then the submission will be accepted.

Students may assume that if an uploaded document can be downloaded and viewed on their own computer, then that file can be downloaded and viewed for assessment. There is no need to contact the Programme staff for confirmation.

If part of a submission is found to be unreadable, and there is a reasonable explanation, then the examiners may contact the student and ask for replacement data. This data will be checked for consistency with the original data supplied.

Students should keep a copy of any documents that they upload to the system. If a document—as uploaded—is found to be unreadable, and the student is unable to supply a fresh version, then no credit will be awarded for the submission.

4. Additional material

Paper versions, or additional material, may be submitted by post or hand. Only material that arrives before the deadline will be considered. Any additional material will count towards the overall extent of the submission.

5. Presentation

Documents should be presented using a font size of at least 10pt, and with an A4 page size. Colour may be used, but students should ensure that no relevant information would be lost were the documents to be printed in black and white.

6. The Use of Information Systems

The use of this facility is subject to the University's standard regulations on the use of information systems. In particular, students must protect their passwords, and take care that only appropriate documents are uploaded to the system.