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College membership

Students must be members of one of the colleges of the University. Students who are already graduates of the University may request renewed membership of their previous college. Otherwise, students will become members of one of the colleges that are prepared to admit students from the Software Engineering Programme: of these, Kellogg College is the preferred option.

Each student will be required to attend a matriculation ceremony within two terms of starting on the Programme. Failure to attend will result in the offer of college membership being withdrawn, and the student's status as a student lapsing.

Period of study

There is a minimum period of study of six terms for an MSc. An examination entry will not be accepted unless the minimum period for the chosen award will have elapsed by the end of the current term.

If the student is granted a suspension of status or an extension to their period of study, then the final term will be moved back by the specified number of terms.

If no examination entry form has been submitted within the maximum period of study allowed, taking into account any extensions or suspensions of status, then the student in question will be deemed to have withdrawn from the Programme. Their student status will lapse, and a special application for reinstatement will be required if they wish to resume their studies: see the University Examination Regulations.

Suspension of status

Students who are unable to pursue their studies for a prolonged period of time may request a suspension of status. Up to three terms may be requested at a time, although no more than six terms' suspension will be granted during a single period of study. Such requests are considered by the Director of Graduate Studies. A supporting case will be required from the student's supervisor and from the student's college.

Students should not undertake any substantial study—for example, a course attendance and the corresponding assignment—during a suspension. Any course or assignment fees will apply as usual; any remaining instalments of award fees will be postponed for the duration of the suspension awarded.

Note: If you are taking a suspension of status for maternity, extended paternity and adoption leave, please use the form GSO.17b

Please use Suspension of Status Request Form - GSO.17 forms available here:


Students who are unable to complete their studies by the end of their current final term may request an extension to their period of study. Up to three terms may be requested; such requests are considered by the Director of Graduate Studies, and formally approved by the Supervisory Committee. A supporting case will be required from the student's supervisor and from the student's college.

A request for a further extension, again of up to three terms, will be accepted, but will require approval from the University's Education Committee. A strong supporting case will be required, including a plan for the completion of the remaining work before the end of the proposed final term.

Please use Extension of Time Request Form - GSO.15 available here:


A graduate of the Programme who returns to study for a higher level of award may use the module attendances and assignment submissions from their previous period of study as credit towards the new award, and their fee liability will be reduced accordingly. However, if they are successful in a subsequent examination for the higher award, this will replace or subsume their earlier qualification.