13-17 January, 2020

Hosted by

The University of Hong Kong

Quantum Information and computation Initiative

Computer Science Department

At the Island Pacific Hotel

About QISS

QISS is a cross-disciplinary fundamental research initiative in the broader fields of Quantum Information and Quantum Gravity, aiming to put the physics of quantum spacetime on an information theoretical basis, bring within reach empirical access to quantum gravity in 'table-top' laboratory conditions, and promote an extensive interaction between physicists and philosophers. The central goal of the collaboration is to deepen the current understanding of this slippery but crucial notion, that is rapidly taking a central role in our understanding of the structure of reality: Information.

The QISS Hong Kong Workshop marks the launching of an interdisciplinary consortium of thirteen research groups, for a three year project supported by the John Templeton Foundation. See the website of the project The Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime for more information.

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    Public Lecture

    Tuesday 14th of January 2020, 16:45-17:45, followed by a small reception/coctail.

    Chow Yei Ching Building - G/F - Lecture theatre CBA, Pokfulam Road, Computer Science Department, HKU

    Speaker: Carlo Rovelli

    Professor of exceptional class at the University of Aix-Marseille, France,
    Director of Quantum Gravity laboratory of the CNRS Center for Theoretical Physics, Marseille, France

    Talk Title: `What is time?'

    Abstract: `Time' is something very familiar to all of us. But the physics of the XX century has discovered that time works quite differently from what we usually think. In this conference I will review what have learned a lot about the nature of time, but also the mysteries surrounding this notion that are still open. These mysteries are connected with many questions about the universe that are still open, like the fate of black holes, the nature of heat, the reason past is different form future, and the nature of our consciousness.

    The talk is open for all and there is no registration required. Please let us know in advance of an intention to come with groups of students larger than ~10 persons, so to estimate attendance and ensure we have enough sitting space for all.


    Invited Speakers

    Carlo Rovelli

    Centre de Physique Théorique

    Caslav Brukner

    IQOQI Vienna

    Bob Coecke

    University of Oxford

    Vlatko Vedral

    University of Oxford

    Lucien Hardy

    Perimeter Institute

    Marko Vojinovic

    University of Belgrade

    Lucas Hackl

    University of Copenhagen

    Richard Howl

    University of Nottingham

    Pablo Arrighi

    Aix-Marseille University

    David Rideout

    University of California

    Mischa Woods

    ETH Zurichn

    Cyril Branciard

    CNRS Marseille

    Jakub Mielczarek

    Jagiellonian University Poland

    Contributed Talks

    Pierre M. D.

    Centre de Physique Théorique

    Lautaro Amadei

    Centre de Physique Théorique

    Pietro Donà

    Centre de Physique Théorique

    Giulia Rubino

    University of Vienna

    Kaumudibikash Goswami

    University of Queensland

    Alastair Abbott

    University of Geneva

    Hlér Kristjansson

    University of Oxford

    Nitica Sakharwade

    Perimeter Institute

    Nicola Pinzani

    University of Oxford

    Maria Stasinou

    University of Oxford

    Jakub Bilski

    Zhejiang University of Technology

    Michal Studzinski

    University of Gdans

    Yadong Wu

    University of Hong Kong

    Marco Túlio Quintino

    University of Tokyo

    Ding Jia

    Perimeter Institute

    Sebastian Murk

    Macquarie University

    Giulio Chiribella

    University of Hong Kong

    Marios Christodoulou

    University of Hong Kong


    Here is the conference booklet.

    Travel and Local information

    The QISS HKU Workshop will be held at the Island Pacific Hotel, Hong Kong.

    The airport express train/metro line is the most convenient way from the airport to town, getting on and off at the Hong Kong station is probably the safest and convenient option. They service all flight schedules. It is then a 15 minutes taxi ride to the hotel.

    On departure you can check in and drop off luggages at the Hong Kong metro station before taking the train to the airport.

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