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Welcome to the home page of the IEG, the interdepartmental research group on the philosophy of information (PI) at the University of Oxford.

The IEG is the result of a collaboration between the OUCL (the Oxford University Computing Laboratory) and the Faculty of Philosophy, within Oxford.

The philosophy of information (PI) is the theoretical field concerned with

  1. the critical investigation of the conceptual nature and basic principles of information, including its dynamics, utilisation (especially as far as ethical issues are concerned) and sciences, and
  2. the elaboration and application of information-theoretic and computational methodologies to philosophical problems.

Historically, the IEG has established PI as an area of specialisation for philosophical enquiries since the mid-nineties.

The mission of the IEG is to develop a clear, philosophical understanding of the nature, scope and life of information.

Most of the research done at the IEG is interdisciplinary. Theories, methods and topics are brought together - especially from computer science, information science, ICT studies, information theory, computer/information ethics, logic, epistemology, philosophy of science, and the history of ideas - in order to investigate foundational and conceptual issues in PI.

Current work on PI includes several topics related to the nature of semantic information, the logic of information, the informational analysis of knowledge, multiagent systems and foundational and applied issues in information and computer ethics.

People interested in the philosophy of computing and information are welcome to contact us by emailing ieg@philosophy.ox.ac.uk

Mailing List

IEG has a low-traffic, fully moderated mailing list (IEG-ML). IEG-ML is used to keep its members informed about the activities of the group and distribute information relevant to their researches. 

If you wish to subscribe to the list, please send and email to ieg@philosophy.ox.ac.uk.


mail: ieg@philosophy.oxford.ac.uk

tel: +44 1865 271970

fax: +44 1865 274125

Correspondence may be addressed to Luciano Floridi, St Cross College, OX1 3LZ, Oxford, UK

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