'Computational Technologies in Biomedicine and Pharmacology' workshop hosted by the Computational Cardiovascular Science group. 


On September 17th, the Computational Cardiovascular Science Workshop was hosted in the Department, organised and chaired by Blanca Rodriguez and collaborators, and supported by the Knowledge-Exchange fund. It created an international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial forum to discuss current trends in computational technologies to augment cardiovascular physiology, pharmacology and medicine, and to replace, refine and reduce animal experimentation.

Participants included experts in cardiology, computer science, physiology, pharmacology, philosophy, and biomedical engineering from academia and industry, from 11 Universities and 12 companies, from the UK, several countries in Europe, the USA and Japan.

Selected topics were addressed to demonstrate the power of computer science in cardiovascular science and medicine, and in particular, clinical cardiology and the characterisation of cardiac disease patients, cardiovascular pharmacology and the enhancement of recordings obtained from human adult and stem cell derived cardiomyocytes using tools such as the Virtual Assay software (developed with support of the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Fund), and the identification and mechanistic investigation of heart rhythm disorders. Finally, the workshop ended with thought-provoking talks and discussions on novel regulatory and industrial applications for computational methodologies, such as pharmacological safety and efficacy, and heart and nervous system interactions.

Here you can find the agenda of the workshop