The Computational Cardiovascular Science team has established collaborative links with pharmaceutical and technological companies. We consider these links very important to enable directing our research towards addressing relevant challenges and maximizing impact. Isis Innovation and the MPLS division at Oxford provide strong support for management of intellectual property, establishment of research contracts and business development.

We have experience in collaborating with Industry in several ways depending on the circumstances and interests.

Collaborative Research Projects

We can collaborate in projects to further investigate either an active line of research or transfer our knowledge into other research fields. We have experience participating in large and small consortiums, supported by the European Commission and the British Research Councils, as well as industry funded projects. We enjoy research collaborations with industry as they lead to highly innovative research, which benefits both the company and the university.


The Computational Cardiovascular Science team considers providing consultancy as a way to share our expertise and knowledge with industry. It allows easy access to expert know-how and is tailored for individual specific needs.

Software Licensing

The Computational Cardiovascular Science team has developed an in silico model of inter-subject variability in heart cell physiology that allows both drug efficacy and safety pharmacology testing. The software Virtual Assay can be used by Pharma Industry and Academia.

You can find more information at /ccs/tools


If you are interested in establishing an industry research collaboration with us, please contact contact us.