Help with starting GeomLab

If GeomLab won't start when you click on the Big Green Arrow, then several things could be wrong. As a first step, you should try to launch GeomLab directly by clicking on this link:

Launch GeomLab directly

You will probably need to accept a security certificate before the program will start, and the Java installation on your computer may automatically upgrade itself first.

If your browser doesn't seem to know what to do with the link, then that's probably because Java is not in fact installed at all. In that case, you can download the free Java plug-in from Oracle by clicking here and following the instructions. When the Java plug-in is installed, return to the home page and try again.

On some browsers, it is also necessary to create a manual association between Java Web Start scripts and the javaws application. The mime type for this is application/x-java-jnlp-file and the extension is jnlp.

As an alternative to using Java Web Start, you can download the GeomLab application as a JAR file and run it, either by double-clicking on the file, or from the command line, using a command like

java -jar geomlab.jar

This will avoid any problems with signatures and certificates.