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13-14 July 2009, Oxford, United Kingdom

Website: http://www.comlab.ox.ac.uk/geosensornetworks/

Sponsored by:
University of Oxford

Papers to be published by Springer in the "Lecture Notes in Computer Science" (LNCS) series. They will also be indexed electronically on SpringerLink.

Geosensor networks shift the traditional centralized paradigm of monitoring a geographical area from the macroscale to the microscale, by using distributed sensors to measure variables of interest (such as environmental, biological and chemical variables, seismic activity and geolocated videofeeds). Whilst having the ability to provide data with unparalleled temporal and spatial resolution, geosensor networks have pushed the frontiers of traditional GIS research into the realms of computer science, introducing issues such as data fusion, geolocated queries, energy efficient data collection and data mining and interpretation. The incorporation of mobile devices into these networks allows data acquisition to be undertaken on a spatially varying sampling resolution, introducing new research avenues such as co-operative sensing and dynamic coverage. Furthermore, geosensor networks are not only constrained to passively monitor a region, through actuators, they also have the ability to influence or modify their environment.

Research in geosensor networks spans multiple fields, ranging from strategies for intelligent data acquisition to virtual reality interactions with environmental dynamics. Of particular interest are applications of geosensor networks, such as environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, early warning systems and wildlife tracking. This workshop seeks to address these issues, by bringing together leading experts in a two day forum to present novel research and exchange ideas relating to the state of the art and its future directions. Real world results are particularly welcomed, as are reports of interesting or challenging deployments.


Bhaskar Krishnamachari (USC)
Andreas Savvides (Yale)


Paper Submission: 15 April 2009

Notification of Acceptance: 27 April 2009

Camera Ready Papers Due: 5 May 2009

Conference: 13-14 July 2009


Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following as they relate to spatio-temporal applications and geosensor networks:

* Data mining across sensor themes
* Modeling spatio-temporal data streams
* Data stream processing
* Handling uncertainty and imprecision in geospatial data
* Intelligent sensors/sensor fusion
* Location-based queries
* Middleware for pervasive computing
* Mobile computing
* Co-operative sensing and organization
* Peer-to-peer collaboration strategies using geospatial information
* Queries (aggregate and statistical) and reasoning over data streams
* Query optimization over sensor networks
* Real-time updating of geospatial databases
* Sensor information management systems
* Spatiotemporal sensor data mining
* Video and motion imagery analysis for real-time scene and event modeling and monitoring
* Virtual modeling of large geographic areas
* Time geography
* Privacy, geo-privacy
* Sensor networks and interaction with actuators
* Applications of geosensor networks (e.g. disaster management, early warning systems, environmental monitoring)
* Real world deployments, issues, challenges and results

- Papers should not exceed 10 pages/LNCS format: available here
- Link to submission and more instructions can be found on the conference website


General chair:
- Niki Trigoni, University of Oxford
Steering committee:
- Silvia Nittel, University of Maine
- Alex Labrinidis, University of Pittsburgh
- Niki Trigoni, University of Oxford
Publicity chair:
- Andrew Markham, University of Oxford

- Alastair Beresford, University of Cambridge, UK
- Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, University of Patras, Greece
- Alfredo Cuzzocrea, University of Calabria, Italy
- Antonios Deligiannakis, Technical University of Crete, Greece
- Dinos Ferentinos, University of Athens, Greece
- Alvaro Fernandes, University of Manchester, UK
- Sanjay Jha, University of New South Wales, Australia
- Vana Kalogeraki, University of California, Riverside, USA
- Yannis Kotidis, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
- Antonio Kruger, University of Muenster, Germany
- Lars Kulik, University of Melbourne, Australia
- Andrew Markham, University of Oxford, UK
- Kirk Martinez, University of Southampton, UK
- Cecilia Mascolo, University of Cambridge, UK
- Peter Pietzuch, Imperial College London, UK
- Mirek Riedewald, Northeastern University, USA
- Monika Sester, LUH, Germany
- Egemen Tanin, University of Melbourne, Australia
- Theodore Tsiligiridis, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
- Niki Trigoni, University of Oxford, UK (Chair)
- Peter Widmayer, ETH, Switzerland
- Mike Worboys, University of Maine, USA
- Eiko Yoneki, University of Cambridge, UK