Alessandro Abate

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Professor of Verification and Control

Department of Computer Science
University of Oxford

Research Group

Ongoing and Recent Roles

  • PC Member

    • CONCUR20, HSCC20, ICCPS20, MTNS20, HSB20, GandALF20, RTEST20, CDC19, FORMATS19, CMSB19, QEST19, HSB19, HSCC19, CDC18, QEST18, CMSB18, RTEST18, UKACC18, QEST17, QAPL17, FESCA17, SOFSEM17, HSCC17, HSB16, QEST16, CONCUR16, QAPL16, FESCA16, MED16, PlanHS16, WODES16, MTNS16, ATVA15, QEST15, ICCPS15, DCDS15, ADHS15, EMT15, UNCECOMP15, FMi15, AANS14, QEST14, MTNS14, HAS14, HSCC14, ICCPS14, ICPSNA13, DCDS13, MED13, HSCC13, ADHS12, MED12, HSCC12, DCDS11, MED11, HSCC10

  • Organisation

    • QEST conference series, ADHS conferences, HSB workshops, DHS workshops, IEEE CSS Tech Comm on ‘‘Hybrid Systems’’

Research Items

  • Best Paper Award at QEST16

  • Best Paper Award Finalist at HSCC13

  • Best Student Paper Award at BIBE07

  • Best Student Paper Award Finalist at ECC16 (S. Haesaert) and at WODES2014 (D. Adzkiya)

  • Silver Medal, 2014 Kurt Goedel Research Prize

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