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This is the home page of my ZX Spectrum emulator, xz80, and some other Spectrum-related stuff.

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The documentation and source of the xz80 Spectrum emulator for Unix and X11 are available from this WWW server as a single file. The latest version (as at 10 August 1995) is version 0.1d.

You have a choice of formats. The most compressed (and hence the quickest to transfer) is the gzipped tarfile, and a close second is the zipfile. Next is the compressed tarfile, and finally there is the ordinary tarfile, which can be over twice the size of the compressed tarfile and you are encouraged to transfer a compressed file if at all possible. Note: some WWW browsers support automatic decompression of compressed and/or gzipped data. If your browser uncompresses the data, then you will be left with an ordinary tarfile.

In order to obtain the complete source and documentation of xz80 version 0.1d, please select from the following menu.

Note: some systems refuse to compile the z80.c source file, claiming that there is not enough memory. If you can't upgrade the machine or the compiler, try reducing the amount of optimisation (with gcc, -fno-inline might help). For certain systems you can pick up a copy of the object code (but you still need the source in order to compile the rest of xz80). I have removed some of the files that used to be on here because they are out of date, but feel free to send me newly compiled ones. Alternatively, you can receive the xz80 source files and documentation files separately.

See also: The Xzx Homepage maintained by Erik Kunze.


Last updated 30 January 1998