Paul W. Goldberg
professor of Computer Science
office phone: 01865-610756
email: Paul.Goldberg “at”
picture of Paul Goldberg

Current teaching: Algorithms and Data Structures course, HT 2024; Course materials on Moodle

Link to project web page for EPSRC-funded project Optimisation for Game Theory and Machine Learning.
Link to the advertisement for a 2-year postdoc position, Closing date: 22nd Jan 2024.
Link to some detail on projects and topics I’m interested in.
Some general topics/key phrases:
  • Computational complexity and NP total search problems
  • machine learning; game-theoretic models for data
  • decentralized computation of economic equilibria

Some further information (mostly in the CV above)

Publications (list maintained by me, includes some general narrative discussion)
Publications on Google scholar; DBLP; ORCID (incomplete); ACM DL; arXiv
I’m interested in hearing from prospective research students or other collaborators.

I am currently director of the MSc in Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science (MFoCS, pronounced “em-fox”) (Link). Previously I served for a few years as director of the MSc in CS (Link). I supervise MSc and undergraduate projects on a range of topics, some (but not all!) of which are described further at the link above.

Paul Goldberg