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With an intention to increase investment in European Quantum Information Science research, the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the US Air Force Research Laboratory (ASFL) wish to map the growing European research activity in the area of Quantum Information Science across a broad spectrum including Experiment and Realization (an area currently funded by ASFL, e.g. in Vienna), via Theory and Foundations, to Computer Science Logic (an area currently funded by ONR, e.g. in Oxford).

Evidently, this will also be a great opportunity for researchers in a broad range of Quantum Information Sciences to interact with each other. We aim to have a program of up to 35 invited talks but will also leave ample time for discussion and interaction.

This workshop is supported by ONRG Grant Number N62909-12-1-1001.

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A preliminary program is now online. Click here to view it.

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The following is a provisional list of conference participants.

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University of Oxford: Samson Abramsky, Bob Coecke, Aleks Kissinger.
University of Vienna: Philip Walther.

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QISW 2012 is hosted in the Oxford Department of Computer Science.

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Oxford University Department of Computer Science
Wolfson Building
Parks Road

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