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FDR has existed since 1991, and its input language CSPM has remained essentially unaltered since the mid-1990s. 
A good reference to the syntax of CSPM is Appendix B of TCS.  The version accessed by that link has been updated to take account of additions  to the syntax since the publication of that book.

The author implemented almost all the CSP programs from TPC and they have been available as a tarfile since 1997.
Few of these are challenging to FDR running on 2010 computers.  He has done the same of UCS, and the corresponding file can be downloaded here.  There are directories for all chapters other than 18 and 19, which are covered by the SVA web page.  The latter contains not only the shared variable examples but also the CSP files svacomp.csp and refsva.csp, which (together with standard compression utilities) form a compiler and represent a complex CSP program with abour two thousand lines.

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