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The teaching of concurrency within the Laboratory conforms well with Strachey's objective, by ensuring that theory and practice support and complement each other. Hoare's CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes) is used to model processes, and the refinement checker FDR (Failures Divergence Refinement) is used extensively in practical exercises to support this theory.

The lectures, practicals and classes on Concurrency in the Laboratory are usually taught by members of the Group.

Lecture Courses on Concurrency

  • Concurrency: CSP is introduced and used to illustrate basic concepts in concurrency.
  • Advanced Concurrency Tools: An advanced course in the applications of CSP which teaches powerful techniques for the analysis and verification of behavioural models.
  • Concurrent Programming: A course about the foundations of concurrent programming and effective ways of structuring concurrent and distributed programs.

External Courses on Concurrency

The Software Engineering Programme offers a variety of courses in formal development techniques, including two courses on concurrency.


Members of the group supervise students performing research in the area of concurrency at all levels and for all awards. Some students DPhil theses have been made available in the Group's publications section.


  • Timetables for the currently running courses are available through the Calendar page.
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