Call for Donors

The organizing committee of CSF cordially invites your organization to become a donor to the 31st IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (CSF), to be held July 9-12, 2018 at the University of Oxford, UK.
CSF'18 will this year be co-located with FLOC 2018. A CSF affiliated workshop will be held on July 8, 2018, the day before the main conference.

CSF is an annual conference for researchers in computer security, to examine current theories of security, the formal models that provide a context for those theories, and techniques for verifying security. It was created in 1988 as a workshop (CSFW then), and became a symposium in 2007, along with a policy for open, increased attendance. Over the past two decades, many seminal papers and techniques have been presented first at CSF.
As a recent example, two of the three winners in 2013 and 2014 of the NSA's Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper competition, chosen by a distinguished academic and industry panel from among all papers published during a given year, appeared at CSF.

CSF welcomes donations from industrial and research partners to help maintain and improve the quality of the symposium. Your support allow us to reduce the registration fees and travelling costs for students, promoting the participation of these and consequently contributing to the creation of new research cooperations in the field of security. The donation may also help covering other conference costs such as invited speakers' expenses, coffee-breaks, and other social events, which improves the overall experience of all the participants in the symposium.

CSF community is mostly composed by security experts of academic and research institutions, as well as PhD students, hence CSF presents an excellent opportunity for donors to expose their company’s brand, logo, and message to the world’s leading security researchers, practitioners, and potential future employees.

CSF provides several donation levels for your consideration. Please contact the General Chair Cas Cremers for further enquiries and information, or if you would like to assign part of your donation to a specific purpose.

General Support Levels

Bronze - Suggested donation 1K USD

Silver - Suggested donation 2.5K USD

Gold - Suggested donation 5K USD

Platinum - Suggested donation 10K USD

For further enquiries or information, please contact Cas Cremers.