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PrisM is a module extractor for OWL 2 ontologies. It offer the possibility of extracting modules for several different inseparability relations, such as model inseparability, query inseparability and classification inseparability, among others. It works by reducing the module extraction problem to a reasoning problem in datalog, which it then solves using the datalog engine RDFox.

PrisM supports most OWL 2 features; however, it does not support the following constructs:

  • OWLHasKeyAxiom,
  • OWLDataRanges that are not atomic or an instance of OWLDataOneOf,
  • OWLLiteral whose datatype is outside the OWL 2 datatype map,
  • OWLDatatypeDefinitionAxiom
  • SWRLDataRangeAtom (in SWRLRule).


PrisM can be dowloaded from here


Ana Armas, Mark Kaminski, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Ian Horrocks

Key Publications

  • Ana Armas Romero, Mark Kaminski, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, and Ian Horrocks. Ontology Module Extraction via Datalog Reasoning. In proceedings of AAAI 2015, pages 1420-1416. [PDF]