Alessandro Abate - Research Interests

  • Theory (Verification and Control)

    • Stochastic Dynamical and Control Systems

      • Stochastic Hybrid Systems

      • General State-Space Models

      • Automated Formal Verification (over temporal specifications)

      • Abstractions, (Bi)Simulations, Compositions

      • Stochastic Optimal Control (DP), Correct-by-Design Automated Synthesis (CEGIS)

    • Switched, Hybrid, and Discrete-Event (e.g., MPL) Systems

      • Analysis (e.g., Reachability), Finite Abstractions, Automated Verification, Symbolic Control Synthesis

    • Certified Learning, and Learning for Verification

      • Bayesian inference, reinforcement learning, and game theory

  • Applications

    • Cyber-Physical Systems (Energy Systems and Networks)

    • Safety Critical Systems (Automotive, Space)

    • Systems Biology

Research support is gratefully acknowledged to:

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  • RTE

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  • The Alan Turing Institute, London

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  • EDF Research UK

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  • Oxford University Press

  • Pitch In fund

  • Innovate UK (KTP and HICLASS project)

  • NVIDIA, Denso, Toyota, ZF

  • the Lucy Halsall fund

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  • The European Commission, 7th Framework Program

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  • NWO, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

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  • The European Commission, MC Actions

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  • The French-Dutch Academy of Sciences