Bob Coecke



Foundational Structures in Quantum Information and Computation

An EC-FP6-STREP within the Future and Emerging Technologies Open Scheme running from January 1 2007 till June 30 2010. The work delivered is at the bottom of this page. In the application process the QICS proposal ended 2nd out of the 487 submitted proposal for that FET Open round. The total budget of QICS is 1.625 Million Euro. The participating sites are:

Some sites also have subsidiary sites: All inquiries can be directed to the QICS overall coordinator Bob Coecke or the QICS project administrator Janet Sadler. The following activities are planned: The following researchers are currently, will be, or have been hired on QICS: 1st QICS Report

2nd QICS Report

3rd QICS Report

Final executive summary

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