Practical Groups

Practical sessions will be held each afternoon in the Student Room (Level 8, Thom Building). The demonstrators for the practicals are Philip Lazos and David Martínez Rubio.


For the practicals, we will use python 3.6 together with various machine learning related packages such as numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, matplotlib and tensorflow.

If you are unfamiliar with python, you may want to start here or go through the official tutorial. Using dir(.) and help(.) in ipython is a good way to learn as you start writing code. Then make sure you go through the numpy tutorial.

Please familiarise yourself with python and numpy before the the beginning of the week.

If you prefer using a language other than python or other packages, you are welcome to do so. However, in that case the demonstrators will only be able to help out with discussing machine learning questions, but not any implementation.