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How to apply - Choose a college

The University Prospectus has some general information that may help you choose which college to apply to, but there are a few points below that apply specifically to Computer Science.

This page shows the colleges that regularly admit candidates for Computer Science, together with the tutors who teach for them.

We work very hard to make sure that the best candidates are offered a place, irrespective of which college they apply for.

Different people have many different reasons for choosing the college they eventually settle on. We'd like to be able to say they're all equally valid, but alas, no. You'd be surprised how many people chose their college because they liked its name or because their teacher went there thirty years ago! To help you decide, take a look at the pages for each college in the printed prospectus or on the web. The Oxford University Student Union's alternative prospectus is also available. You might want to think about the size or age of a college, the location, the costs of living there, the accommodation and facilities available. Colleges provide a wide variety of accommodation and meal options. The Student Union has a college suggester, which takes into account certain preferences you may have, e.g low rent, central location, 24/7 library, and suggests colleges which meet these criteria. This can be found here.

If possible, it is a good idea to come and visit Oxford and look around some of the colleges. Open days are an ideal time for this as you can visit the Department too, but there are other opportunities. Of if you can't visit in person, the Oxford University colleges have teamed up with Google to offer a behind-the-scenes virtual tour, which can be found here. Also, the Virtual Tour of Oxfordis an interesting set of video panoramas created by our colleagues in the Chemistry Department.

If you do not wish to choose a college for yourself, you can make an open application where you do not specify a college, and the Admissions Office chooses a college for you. The college that receives your application will not know that you made an open application, and you will not be asked about it at the interview.

Next, think about your UCAS application and registering for the MAT test.