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FHIES 2013 — Welcome

Macau Cityscape

Third International Symposium on Foundations of Health Information Engineering and Systems

Macau, 21st to 23rd August 2013

Information and communication technology (ICT) plays an increasingly enabling role in addressing the global challenges of healthcare, in both the developed and the developing world. The use of software in medical devices has caused growing concerns in relation to safety and efficacy. The increasing adoption of health information systems provides great potential benefits but also poses severe risks, both with respect to security and privacy and in regard to patient safety. Hospital and other information systems raise important issues of workflow support and interoperability. Regulators, manufacturers and clinical users have pointed out the need to research sound and science-based engineering methods that facilitate the development and certification of quality ICT systems in health care. Such methods may draw from or combine techniques from various disciplines, including but not limited to software engineering, electronic engineering, computing science, information science, mathematics, and industrial engineering.


The purpose of the symposium series on Foundations of Health Information Engineering and Systems (FHIES) is to promote a nascent research area that aims to develop and apply theories and methods from a variety of disciplines, including those listed above, for the purpose of modeling, building and certifying software-intensive ICT systems in healthcare. A particular objective of FHIES is to explicitly include a focus on healthcare ICT applications in the developing world (in addition to systems used in the developed countries), since unique engineering challenges arise in that special setting. Because humans often play a pivotal role in the process of using such systems, theories from the human factors engineering community may need to be integrated with methods from the technology-oriented domains in order to create effective engineering methodologies for socio-technical systems in the healthcare domain. Previous FHIES symposia were held in 2011, in Mabalingwe, South Africa (with post-conference proceedings in Springer LNCS 7151), and in 2012, in Paris, France (with post-conference proceedings in Springer LNCS 7789).

FHIES 2013

The Third International Symposium on Foundations of Health Information Engineering and Systems (FHIES 2013) will take place at the United Nations University International Institute for Software Technology (UNU-IIST) in Macau, on 21st to 23rd August 2013. Please see the Call for Papers for instructions on how to submit a paper.


We gratefully acknowledge sponsorship from the Macau Foundation and the Macau Science and Technology Development Fund.

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