GeomLab – Exploring Computer Science

This web site will introduce you to some of the most important ideas in computer programming in an interactive, visual way through a guided activity. The activity is about a language for describing pictures. You will use a programming environment that lets you type an expression in the language, and shows you the picture that it describes. At first, the pictures you will make will be simple combinations of stick figures: three men in a row, or one man supporting two smaller men. But gradually, the pictures will get more complicated, and soon we will be describing pictures like the one on the entry page of this web site. That picture looks frighteningly complicated, but like all the pictures we will describe, it consists of a few basic tiles combined according to some rules.

Launch GeomLab

Click on the Big Green Arrow to launch the GeomLab programming environment. You may have to accept a security certificate to allow the program to run on your computer; and it may be that the Java installation on your computer will be automatically upgraded before the program starts. If GeomLab won't start, look on our help page for suggestions.

Once GeomLab is running, look at the instructions to get started.