The Information Systems Group stands at the heart of computing and related disciplinary activity at Oxford, bringing together research on computational linguistics, databases, and knowledge representation formalisms, and automated reasoning.

Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Michael Wooldridge conducts research about formal techniques applied to multiagent systems. Research in the AI group intersects logic, computational complexity, and game theory.

Computational Linguistics

Work led by Prof. Stephen Pulman encompasses and combines established knowledge-based approaches with statistical and machine learning methods.


Prof. Georg Gottlob, Prof. Michael Benedikt, and Dr. Dan Olteanu lead ISG's pioneering database research.

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Dr. Boris Motik and Prof. Ian Horrocks conduct research into knowledge representation formalisms and automated reasoning, with a focus on description logics and constructive reasoning algorithms.

ISG Seminar

Weekly ISG Seminars take place every Tuesday at 11:30 during term time. If you would like to present your work, get in touch with Michael Benedikt.