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Strachey Lectures

The Strachey Lectures are also available on the University of Oxford Podcasts web site.

Yvonne Rogers - How Are New Technologies Changing What We See?

There has been a proliferation of technological developments in the last few years that are beginning to improve how we perceive, attend to, notice, analyse and remember events, people, data and other information. These include machine learning, computer vision, advanced user interfaces (e.g. augmented reality) and sensor technologies. A goal of being augmented with ever more computational capabilities is to enable us to see more and, in doing so, make more intelligent decisions. But to what extent are the new interfaces enabling us to become more super-human? What is gained and lost through our reliance on ever pervasive computational technology? In my lecture, I will cover latest developments in technological advances, such as conversational interfaces, data visualisation, and augmented reality. I will then draw upon relevant recent findings in the HCI and cognitive science literature that demonstrate how our human capabilities are being extended but also struggling to adapt to the new demands on our attention. Finally, I will show their relevance to investigating the physical and digital worlds when trying to discover or uncover new information.

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