A Mathematical Game Semantics of Concurrency and Nondeterminism

Concurrent games as event structures form a partial order model of concurrency where concurrent behaviour is captured by nondeterministic concurrent strategies---a class of maps of event structures. Extended with winning conditions, the model is also able to give semantics to logics of various kinds. An interesting subclass of this game model is the one considering deterministic strategies only, where the induced model of strategies can be fully characterised by closure operators. The model based on closure operators exposes many interesting mathematical properties and allows one to define connections with many other semantic models where closure operators are also used. However, such a closure operator semantics has not been investigated in the more general nondeterministic case. Here we do so, and show that some nondeterministic concurrent strategies can be characterised by a new definition of nondeterministic closure operators which agrees with the standard game model for event structures and with its extension with winning conditions.

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