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Getting to Oxford

The closest airport to Oxford is Heathrow Airport, which is Britain's main connection to the rest of the world. Oxford can be reached from Heathrow Airport by a convenient one-hour busride with the Airline. In the Airport you follow the signs to the Central Coach Station for this purpose. Gatwick Airport will require a two-hour slightly less frequent busride, again on the Airline. From the continent, you can reach London by the Eurostar (a very fast train), and then continue your journey either by train or by a busride, either on the Oxford Express or the Oxford Tube. For all these buses you do not need tickets, just pay the busdriver in Pounds, US Dollars or Euros. Your hotel, hostile or B&B will be happy to inform you about local busses which bring you to the workshop site.


Oxford has a wide variety of places to stay, including both junior and senior College Accomodation, Hotels, Hostels, and in particular many Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) and Guest Houses. We would in particular recommend the B&Bs since they tend to be much cheaper than hotels, and the British breakfast keeps you going for the whole day. A convenient site to select Hotels, B&Bs and Guest Houses is:


You click on a spot and it gives you the price. The closer you are to the center, the closer you are to the university, but all locations within the Ring Road (green), bring you to the center in less than 40 minutes walking or by means of a 10 minutes direct bus ride. More comprehensive listings, respectively of hotels, hostels, and B&Bs and guest houses are at:

The most comprehensive listing is at: http://www.dailyinfo.co.uk/venues.php?cat=hotel

Note that Oxford does attract many tourists so you should not wait too long to make your booking.

Workshop Location

The workshop will take place in the (new!) Lecture Theatre B of the Computing Laboratory, at the corner of Parks road and Keble road, i.e. nr 14 on [map1]. Here are some maps covering a larger area: [map2], [map3].

The Computing Lab website offers more information for visitors

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