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NOTE: The current version (0.2) of Authodox has been superseded by more recent work and is therefore out-of-date. In particular, I've stopped using it in my own D.Phil. research. I've recently started work on a new version of Authodox, now written in Haskell, that will feature a graphical system editor and improved checking of causation properties. It might also include an object-capability kernel language for specifying object behaviours, to be translated into CSP for automatic verification using FDR. This version is being written concurrently to my D.Phil. thesis. I hope it will emerge later this year. --- August 2009

Authodox is an experimental application for modelling and reasoning about authority in systems of interacting agents, here called objects. One of its primary uses is to detect insecurity in the form of excess authority. Authodox uses the CSP process algebra and its automatic model checker, FDR, to accomplish this.

Authodox in action


Download - Version 0.2.0, May 19 2008


View Online -- in particular, see Getting Started for installation and usage instructions. Also see the introductory tutorial for a tour of the main features of Authodox and how to use them.

The Authodox documentation can also be viewed from within the application by selecting the "Contents" option from the "Help" menu.


Please send me bug reports, comments and general feedback.

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