Practical Groups

Practicals will be held in weeks 4, 6, 7 and 8 in 379 (Wolfson). The demonstrators are Abhishek Dasgupta, Francisco Marmolejo and Bernardo Pérez Orozco.

Group 1 Tuesday 11h-13h
Group 2 Wednesday 14h-16h
Group 3 Thursday 11h-13h


Submission Instructions

Your code and report will be evaluated by the instructors in the subsequent session, e.g. Week 4 will be evaluated in Week 6, an so on. We strongly recommend that you finish the actual work during the practical session itself and as far as possible try to get it evaluated during the same session, rather than wait until the following one. There will be no new practical in Week 8, you can finish off practical 3 if you don't complete it in Week 7. You should make every effort to get all practicals signed off before the end of your practical session in Week 8. However, in any case, the firm deadline to turn in your report for Practical 3 is Friday 12h00 of Week 8 at the CS reception.

Lab Machine Instructions

In order to use the packages required please run
   module load Anaconda
on the shell before you begin. You may need to do this in every terminal that you open. Also if you use
   jupyter notebook
then please make sure you run this from a terminal on which you have run the previous command.


For the practicals, we will use python 2.7 together with various machine learning related packages such as numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, matplotlib and tensorflow.

If you are unfamiliar with python, you may want to start here or go through the official tutorial. Using dir(.) and help(.) in ipython is a good way to learn as you start writing code. Then make sure you go through the numpy tutorial.

Please familiarise yourself with python and numpy before the first practical in Week 4.